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  Nestled in the breathtaking coastal town of Byron Bay, curious visitors might discover a studio where textile designer Zoe Wall is immersed in an enchanting process. A process of deconstruction and reconstruction - where organic silks and Australian wool fibres are brought together creating unique felts and soft silks, that have never been seen before.

Zoe Wall has lived a life surrounded by creative people. Winsome and ethereal herself, Zoe loves the freedom of creative expression and is inspired by the unexpected, especially the ever-changing beauty of nature. The result of this innate creativity is a most exquisite and unique collection of hand-made wraps, scarves and shawls.

As a university student Zoe explored the art of felting with her mother Shyama, who remains her mentor and a source of inspiration. Zoe loves the sheer physicality of felting and using ancient techniques, has mastered the combination of wool fibres and silks to create stunning floating fabrics that skate softly over the skin. Each piece, a work of art, has its own character, look and feel. "I love that each fabric is a unique expression of the time I have spent with it...a reflection of the weather that day, my thoughts and how I was feeling," says Zoe.

And Zoe continues to reinvent this process, constantly pushing the art to new levels and redefining its potential. Twice a year Zoe releases a range of scarves, shawls and wraps. Intriguing, quirky and delicate pieces, they delight women with their softness and empower them with a sense of style and individuality. Every piece has been created to provide an experience that delights the senses - beautiful textures, uplifting colours and a special sense of enchantment.


hand felted
natural fibre
scarves & shawls


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